Working again, reset your cookies

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Working again, reset your cookies

Post by Keld » Tue 1. Jan 2019 16:14

Hi all, Happy new year 2019

Due to php upgrade on the server hosting I was forced to update the forum, this went wrong and so wrong that I had to get the database manually upgraded, and it took some time, i am sorry.

But we are back online and everything seems to work. ;)

If you have a problem to login, please reset your cookies on your browser, the new board can't understand the old boards cookies.

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Re: Working again

Post by kiklo » Tue 1. Jan 2019 21:26

THx Keld it 's going to be a blasting new year !
Racing Regards

Kim K.

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Re: Working again

Post by MagRacer » Thu 3. Jan 2019 11:21

Good news, thank you Keld and Happy New Year!

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Re: Working again

Post by Boernis » Fri 4. Jan 2019 19:16

Good news and good to hear. The best news would be: there are "cars ready to race" for sale! I still want to construct a race track, but not make cars by myself.

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