Magracing concept

Here we post news from MAGracing.
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Magracing concept

Post by WesR » Fri 11. Jan 2013 20:17

Hi Guys, Pleased to see that you all seem to be enjoying yourselves. Re. track building, the dremel type saw certainly looks good. Surprisingly, for a professional model maker, I never had a Dremel. Of course, the systems shown in our website are recommended because they don't need the purchase of any tools but I also think they could be more reliable for people who have never used a router.
Re. the Magracing concept, as a lifelong motor race fan, I have always wanted the most realistic and skillful model race system. Small scale models, in all areas of modelling (cars, aircraft and boats) have a problem in that their mass is many times less than their scale value i.e. a 1/32 scale car does not weigh 1/32 of the weight of a real car.
Thus their cornering speeds tend to be many times faster than a real car. The only hobby to successfully conquer this is model railroads where the train speeds are tightly
controlled in the interests of realism.
So scale speed, accelleration and braking are quite easy to achieve by the right motor
and gear choice but the need to brake for a corner will only occur if cornering speeds
are less than straight line speeds.
The following is from our website "Tyres supplied are deliberately low grip to reduce cornering speeds thus increasing the skill required and ensuring that cars cannot be driven flat out around the track.. Tyre dressings/additives can easily be added to increase grip and details are included in the tyres section. This makes the cars easier to drive for novice drivers but can remove the skill for experts. MAG-racing driving does take some time to learn and most people will need a couple of evenings to master it."
So, if you want to go faster round corners, it is quite easy. A smear of contact adhesive
on the rears, allowed to dry, will double the grip. You can then drive flat out round the corners! No driving skill required!
To put the skill back, you then need to go faster down the straights, so faster motors
are needed. You then get instant accelleration, instant braking, cars running into the back of each other, and insufficient time for the drivers to decide wether to run wide
in the turn or chop up the car on the inside. The choice is yours my friends.
Wes R

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Re: Magracing concept

Post by Double Naught » Sat 12. Jan 2013 00:35

One of the reasons I like MAGracing is because I think these are the closest "Ready to Race" cars I have ever seen. The cars I received had their tires pre-sanded! Although I did find a tiny bit of flash on the front tires, near perfect! Now mounting the bodies has been a bit challenging... From seeing the tracks you gents have already these look very cool. Working on a test track and where are those batteries? :shock:

Thanks Wes,


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Re: Magracing concept

Post by Raudi1 » Tue 26. Feb 2013 07:27

I'll second the comments by double naught... This is a very well thought out system. These are not toys but the basis for a well conceived hobby despite what might at first appear to be simple inexpensive construction.

Eventually people may develop improvements. Given enough time and money anyone can make improvements. Question is, would we still be interested if the cars cost $500 - $600 a piece?

I for one say Kudos to Wes for bringing this to market! :respect The apparent simplicity I find part of the appeal, and at a cost I might find a few friends to join me.

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