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Re: Newsletters from Wes

Post by Lasp » Wed 8. May 2013 19:59

Today, in the fourth biggest city of Europé ,I got a newsletter from WesR!
And i must admit, that the track is very essently for all of Us.
I Will do as most is possibly to etablissemanget a track with one or two BaseLine and even a good RacingLine with several LaneChanginPoints LCP can be buildt for both direktions ?

This is My own thinking so now ower to the latest newsletter from WesR!

[Hi Magracers, Our latest video, although with only 3 cars racing, shows
what I feel are the best features of Magracing.
Having been a follower of full size motor racing all my life, I have always
felt that model car racing should look realistic and should include as many
driving skills as possible. Full size racing needs three basic driving skills,
firstly to steer the fastest line around the track, secondly to drive each
corner at maximum speed and thirdly to avoid other cars. I believe
Magracing offers the most of any model race system.
Free running r/c cars in 1/32 scale will never be drivable accurately
round a 7" narrow track because human reactions are not quick enough.
Both our tracks include at least one high speed left/right sequence with
lane changes less than 30" (80cms) apart and good drivers can only
make this 9 times out or 10! So free steering into a corner exactly on the
racing line would be impossible. Linford 2 circuit has 10 steering lane
changes per fast lap so drivers have to work pretty hard!
The video is on You Tube under 'model car racing' and should appear
on the 2nd page.
Regards Wes R

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Re: Newsletters from Wes

Post by Kuipo » Wed 8. May 2013 20:23

Here's a link to the video he refers to:

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