BRW, RCD Fuel-race test

before a track could be used for serius racing and not only for practice, there must be a lapcounting system.
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BRW, RCD Fuel-race test

Post by kiklo » Sat 26. Nov 2016 13:39

Doing some test with RaceCoordinater Digital (BETA).

I plan on installing an array of 'LAP-leds' (in paralell, 3 or 4 on my Pit-lane in driving direction to have some 'parking-tolerance' when refueling.

There will only be ONE refuel-section in pit lane, as it will also be used as lap counter when driving trough pit lane.

A short test video.

2 separate 'lap-detectors' + array of 4 'lap-detectors' for pitlane.

Racing Regards

Kim K.

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