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About Ned's Cars

Post by Ned » Thu 25. Aug 2016 03:01

For over 3 years members of MAGracing Forum have been lamenting the absence of a magracing chassis with an adjustable wheelbase. The time has finally come! The first ever narrow chassis, with an adjustable wheelbase to fit most accurately scaled small race cars is available now, at Shapeways.com/shops/MagRacingUnlimited .

The instructions for building magracing cars using my chassis kits and parts, will be posted on this forum. As of now, I have designed 6 chassis for 1/32 scale cars; two for small cars, two for large cars, and two for LMP cars. Three of the chassis have battery compartments loaded from the bottom. Three of them have battery compartments loaded from the top which require removal of the body. Those chassis with top loading compartments have thinner side profiles and use bronze strip for battery terminal connectors instead of magnets. If all goes well, I’ll design 3 or 4 more chassis for 1/24 scale. I expect all to have adjustable wheelbases and to be available in black or white.

The instructions will be very detailed with lots of photos, so that anyone with a magracing car and with the knowledge of how to solder, should be able to build a great looking and performing car. If you don’t know how to solder, just read a little online and practice with some wire and metal strip. It’s easy.

Because of all the detail, the instructions will be quite long, so I’ve decided to split the instructions for a particular chassis kit into several posts/topics. This way you should be able to find the portion you need easily and perhaps skip the parts you don’t need. And as Keld pointed out, if you get interrupted by your wife, you’ll be able to quickly get back to where you were before your other duties called.

My expectation is that this forum will be set up so that other members cannot post new topics to it, or reply to any of my posts that are locked. That way, perhaps I can keep everything orderly and easy to find. My hope is to make this an online instruction manual for all of my chassis kits and parts.

After I get all portions of the instructions for a specific chassis kit posted, if possible, I’ll start a New Topic under Ned’s Cars, that will allow members to post questions and replies concerning that specific chassis kit .