2.4ghz track.

Questions and Ideas to track building, how are you doing it? need help? new features? share your ideas.
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Re: 2.4ghz track.

Post by Ned » Fri 4. May 2018 19:42

Very impressive. Smooth running. Excellent driving. What an improvement over slot cars. More realistic looking and performing with no marshals needed.

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Re: 2.4ghz track.

Post by WesR » Sat 5. May 2018 19:17

Thanks Ned. As I feared, I have made the run off areas a little tight. The L.H end is now much better but I got a car stuck just past the Lap Counter yesterday so I reckon a widening mod. will take place there soon too! I am liking the steering trim facility very much. I have three cars and only one controller so I have to adjust the steering trim each time but this is a great improvement to have as all three cars are easily trimmed to take all the l/cs, left and right, perfectly. Also, with the l/c plates installed, if the steering is turned the wrong way, (this could happen with a novice driver! and even me!) the cars will not leave the track. The car with the front servo is working ok now but I like the ease of adjustment with the mid mounted servo.
All in all, this is the best car/track set up I have built for sure.

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