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Printing wheels.

Posted: Fri 1. Mar 2019 09:33
by kiklo
Testing how well selfmade wheels will work. Rims in Petg and tyres in Tpu.
Oh yeh, need some sanding.

Re: Printing wheels.

Posted: Wed 6. Mar 2019 19:39
by WesR
DSCF0794 (3).jpg
DSCF0794 (3).jpg (137.85 KiB) Viewed 1178 times
Been running 3d wheels for some time. Near car has wheels with separate flexy tyres, something like the Kim's Tpu I would think. Rear car has one piece wheels and tyres, which can also be in flexy material. First flexy tires were hollow but too firm. We are now moving towards tapered open ended tyres, similar to our earlier inj. moulded ones.

Rear car has the Das Micro esc. I have two so far and excellent so have three more ordered.

Re: Printing wheels.

Posted: Fri 29. Mar 2019 11:34
by kiklo
I can say so much. The TPU I tested is too hard and slippery.

What is very close to what will work is Ninjaflex (a softer kind of Tpu.).