one car two car red car blue car

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one car two car red car blue car

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I finished my second car, so now I can race. I'm using electrical tape on the rear wheels. It makes driving easier, but still requires care to avoid losing control in the corners. It also reduces road noise. Perhaps I'll graduate to bare wheels after getting comfortable. I was a bit lazy on driver and cockpit details, but I can always buy another shell if I want to improve the look. Also, spray painting the wheels got away from me a bit.
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Rather than using weights or magnets to hold the shell on the car while gluing, I turned the shell over and used the weight of the car to hold it in place. I liked this approach because I could see the position better. Also, I used epoxy to glue the magnets to the screws, but I used a gel based super glue to attach the shell to the other magnets.
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Re: one car two car red car blue car

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Good progress Jim!
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