What's the latest with batteries

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What's the latest with batteries

Post by BriG »

I've read some posts about batteries, but they are somewhat dated.

What batteries are any of you active members using lately and which is preferred, protected or not? Also which charger and where to get everything. I've seen them on Ebay and Amazon, just looking for advice so I don't waste time and money.

I did get some with chargers with a few cars I picked up recently, but I think they're old and probably not good. The batteries are TrustFire and UltraFire TR10440 and the chargers are UltrFire WF-138 Switching Chargers. There must be a good way of checking them, it's just all new to me. I actually tried charging the 8 that I have, and only one showed a green light on the charger after a while. The others had blinking red lights that never stopped, and I pulled the plug when I realized they probably weren't ever going to show a green light, plus they were getting pretty warm.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: What's the latest with batteries

Post by Ned »

It can take several hours to charge a battery.
I am designing most of my chassis to use protected as well as the shorter unprotected battery. I assume that the protected batteries are less likely to overheat and catch fire.
Lithium ion batteries gradually deteriorate over time even when not used. Don't expect them to hold much of a charge after 4 to 5 years.
I like the TrustFire TR-001 charger because it easily accommodates both protected and unprotected batteries but I've had 2 stop working in the past year.
Check out the following topic.
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