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Questions and Ideas to track building, how are you doing it? need help? new features? share your ideas.
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Re: track building

Post by Jimbo » Tue 12. Mar 2019 12:30

Re: Neds Post 30th Oct 18
What a sensible and balanced post.
Ned, you put into words exactly my issue with the cars - lack of the ability to obtain the highly detailed bodies as offered by
brands like Slot it etc..

Having recently retired I was thinking about taking up Magracing again as my hobby but there seems to be so many
obstacles in the way. I bought my only car when Wes first launched the system many years ago and built a small test track.
Everything that Wes supplied worked perfectly and I was delighted.
Then life got in the way.

Now I have more time on my hands I thought I'd get back into it, but as I say, in the passing years, Magracing appears to have stalled.

I still believe it to be the best form of indoor model car racing by far but I can appreciate the problems there's
been with production and lack of a driving force (like Wes) to keep interest up.

Perhaps like many things Magracing was to far ahead of its time.

I'll keep an eye on the Forum


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Re: track building

Post by HeliumFrog » Tue 12. Mar 2019 14:05


Thanks for the interest in Magnetic Racing. We do produce small batches of the cars and chassis using the new 2.4ghz flysky radios. see the Magnetic Racing website and our shop on ebay. There's a new batch of fixed chassis and bodies in the pipeline to be released shortly.

We are also just completing a demonstration track that we hope to be showing at Gaydon Slot Car festival this year. We have also updated the track section of our website which details the traditional "Wes" way and the Routed "Keld" method of building the tracks.


There is also instagram here with a video of early progress on the track

And I have set up a new youtube channel so we can get up some videos. ... CahY2wmQAQ

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Re: track building

Post by Boernis » Tue 12. Mar 2019 20:37

Great that it goes up with the cars. One more not really solved problem is lap counting (and RMS).

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Re: track building

Post by kiklo » Thu 14. Mar 2019 13:17

As for RMS and laptiming. Racecoordinator is a fully functional system.

I have mad an add on timing circuit for the new cars - and will make it available if there are some interest.

For someone who can do the soldering themselves it will be an neglect-able cost for the parts only.
Any comment on my previous post is welcome.
Racing Regards

Kim K.

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Re: track building

Post by HeliumFrog » Fri 15. Mar 2019 11:04

The Magnetic Racing electronics have additional outputs with which we could flash an led for infra red lap timing.
As others have said adding laptiming would only require a few soldered parts. The firmware would need updating also. The reason I haven't included it yet is that I am working on a complete solution for race control with a base station. Rather than just using the IR signals for car recognition I am hoping that I can also piggyback on some extra data which can be reported back to the PC. Its a long term goal and I am working on it in between the cars and buildings we are doing!

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