KK-p1 gearing

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KK-p1 gearing

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As I'm testing with 'std' slotcar rear-axle I have had an issue with gearing.
Using available slot-car parts to reduce relying on custom parts.

Mag1 & 2 use 30 / 8T giving a 3.75 ratio.

The axles I have use a 36 t gear.
So using the std 8T pinion gives a to low gear-ratio of 4.5 thus lacking top speed but quick of the line.

Last week I got some 9T pinion to test.
Now I'm up to 4.0 and it's a much better match. - still quicker at acceleration and top-speed lacking only on 5m or longer straights.
This is probably what I'll put on kits when ready.

I still have and 38 / 10 to test, but I'm having a hard time finding the 10T pinion for the 1.5mm motor axle.
Anyone know of some? please add a link or whatever.
Racing Regards

Kim K.
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