Battery options

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Battery options

Post by masmojo » Thu 5. Jun 2014 16:46

Wes, this post is a response to some posts over on SCi about mag racing in general, Pro's and COn's and different general concerns. One thing that came up was that the battery was not condusive to running certain body type due to Height width etc.

That got me to thinking about batteries and I did a search "Pancake batteries" which yielded a number of results which looked like they would probably satisfy the general operating perameters of your car and had similar Voltage/Mah characteristics, advantages being the would not sit as high in the car and would lower the center of gravity, allowing the use of a wider range of bodies. I am not sure what these batteries are designed for, but I am assuming cell phones?

Anywayz, I can only hope that you looked into this when you designed the car and for reasons I can't know decided on the path that you did!? BUT, alternatively maybe these batteries just did not exist then??? I don;t know!? :?:

Anywayz, Just thinking out loud and trying to be constructive! ;)
Food for thought, but a Cell phone battery might make finding battery replacements very simple and cheap! :call

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