handycraft skills

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handycraft skills

Post by Lasp »

Nica work!
I hope I get that skills!
But I guess its to late ;-)

It was a post to Matt and the new painted cars!

But when I look att Anki, am glad to continiu with MR
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Re: handycraft skills

Post by WesR »

I hadn't seen this video Lasp, not a good advert for the system! There is another similar system
around I think but nothing for us to worry about. I don't think it is possible to drive a racing line with these systems, human reactions are just not good enough.
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Re: handycraft skills

Post by SlotCarRental_com »

I have Anki Drive... all of it, multiples of the first 4 cars even.
And I will likely buy the next two cars, Skull and Nuke, when they are released.

You can apex the corners in Anki Drive... but it does not feel quite right when doing it.

Anki Drive follows a "hidden" line much like Mag Racing... however Anki Drive uses an Infrared sensor/camera in the car to see the lines that the human eye cannot see through and under the glossy black track surface. There are more than a dozen or so lines across the track... so you have to manually steer across these lines to apex a corner. Often it takes so long to change all the way across that you are already through the corner. IN a race you just need to be in the inside lane, because the cars hold their line at full speed, so the game is not much good for a race challenge, it is all meant to be a combat challenge with AI controlled cars using virtual weapons shields and hit points. The whole trick is that each car knows where it is on the track, and the computer does the rest... even though there is often a delay or slight error in location sensing. There is also some sort of light/dark bar code next to each line, that tells each car how far it is around the track, and in what lane.

Anki Drive only supports 4 players/cars... because they believe more would result in too much crashing.
I did a test to see what it would be like with more players... http://youtu.be/UPcii1Nhjbo?list=UU2tPB ... FBaRzAB02Q

It would be awesome if Mag Racing could adapt some sort of possession sensors so MagRacer cars could know where they are on the track, so AI cars could race themselves on a mag track.
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Re: handycraft skills

Post by Keld »

what is the point if the cars race automatic?

only that there would be 14 dummies on the track you has to overtake if you are alone, maybe ok for training, and also ok in race, but they need to go 90-99% of race speed if you would any race againt them, depending on your own skills.
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