First contact: Batteries

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First contact: Batteries

Post by enrutador » Wed 17. Jun 2015 12:09

Good Morning to all fans Magracing from Spain. I am new to this world, and I have several questions. The first begins with the vehicle battery. In the forum I found the battery charger model to buy, until there is no problem:

1) 10440 batteries Charger Trustfire ... 1a0146e9c8

2) Batteries for Trustfire 10440
The question I have, is that I observe the battery is charged by the end and the horizontal part of the same. The battery model I found on ebay are of this style. ... 35e82824b9

The battery is the most important in the car .
MEtal crown
metal_connection.png (132.52 KiB) Viewed 4152 times
2.1) It is better to just cut the plastic to the extent where this connector?
2.2) I need to buy this type of crowns or sell any type of metal crown?
2.3) The size of the battery is just
2.4) measures of the Trustfire 10440 battery are exactly 43.69 mm.

I understand that the remote control is the same type of battery, but in this case not the metal crown is needed.

I think it would be interesting to put them up for sale on the website, along with the full kit, it is easier for the buyer or futur client to enjoy the product from day 0

Greetings and thanks

rex craemer
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Re: First contact: Batteries

Post by rex craemer » Wed 17. Jun 2015 12:14

hello and welcome. only cut of the plastic

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Re: First contact: Batteries

Post by enrutador » Wed 17. Jun 2015 13:26

Thanks Rex Craemer ¡
I bought batteries now come to expect the package to start testing the car

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Re: First contact: Batteries

Post by Ned » Thu 18. Jun 2015 00:13

Concerning the size 10440 rechargeable Li-ion batteries currently used in MagRacers:
These come in both protected and unprotected versions. They also come with a magnetic and non-magnetic + pole.
The protected version, which is longer, will fit in the battery compartment of the chassis, if the the magnet in the end of the compartment is pushed toward the outside of the chassis just a little. Then the short or long version of battery will fit. The protected version is too long to fit in the transmitter/controller.
The type with a magnetic + pole is needed for the chassis. It seems that the way to tell that the pole is magnetic is to note carefully the appearance of the pole. See

TrustFire makes both protected and unprotected 10440 Li-ion batteries. It also makes batteries with and without magnetic poles. I don't believe that the color of the battery is relevant. I have not been able to find unprotected batteries with a magnetic pole for the chassis. The protection chip on the end of a protected battery can be removed, making the battery the same length as an unprotected battery.

The TrustFire Model TR-001 charger works easily and conveniently with both protected and unprotected batteries. It is available from Amazon and many vendors on ebay. For more info see ... t=20#p2577

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Re: First contact: Batteries

Post by enrutador » Thu 18. Jun 2015 07:01

Thanks Ned is very interesting your observation. A lot of thanks

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