Ferrari 599XX

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Ferrari 599XX

Post by ravajack »

Maybe not entirely "politically correct" in this forum, but... :beer

Found and bought this on the web, to find out if it can be easily converted to magracing:


Mechanics seems similar to the "real deal", minus the magnetic tiller up front.
And you can't beat the price: Around £15.00 GBP ($23.00 USD) for the set. :thumpup
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Re: Ferrari 599XX

Post by Lasp »

And its work I have tryed!
The thing is to get the magnet nearly a point in the middle off the frontwheels. But if you have a flat track, its no problem to let the magnet bee more on front.
Think of a power of two lenghts for the magnet and one lenght or the fast joint!
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